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WARNING: The InnerCircle Is Limited To 12 People. 10 Spots Already Filled
A Community of Fans Supporting the Healthy Growth of the Solana Ecosystem.
The Solana Coin Club is a dedicated community of NFT token holders, holding beautiful Solana coins with the aim of innovating and encouraging mass adoption of Solana technology with our easy to use tools that form the robust foundation of our club.
Our Story (In a nutshell)
Our Story (In a nutshell)
In Sol We Trust
In 2021, Solana proved itself as one of the leading coins in the cryptocurrency space. It gained  massive attention and popularity despite experiencing a few small bumps along the way.

Since we started using Solana technology we discovered that the Solana Ecosystem is brilliant, but far from being complete enough to enable the mass adoption we all expect it to have.

Along this journey we’ve faced lots of technical challenges, however we’ve seen them only as opportunities. The more incomplete the ecosystem is, the more opportunities we have to grow from here. we have decided to step up to the plate.

As our minds overflowed with amazing ideas and innovations, we were still unsure about how it all could fit together. That’s where  Solana Coin Club came in, making it clear how we can fit all the pieces of this puzzle together perfectly. 

The idea of forming a robust  community, backed by powerful, easy to use tools that innovate the way we are able to use Solana technology has been brought to fruition. The time for action is now !

Solana Coin Club
What makes a community thrive? That is a question every investor should ask themselves. Particularly  when it comes to the ever growing NFT space, where many  projects are created purely as pump and dumps.

We have founded  Solana Coin Club with one thing in mind; - creating a  dedicated community that will bring benefit to investors, community members and the entire Solana ecosystem.

We are a private club of NFT holders supporting Solanas growth through innovation. The core foundations of the club are some outstanding projects we are developing.

Smart bridge tools that will take all the coding off the table, allowing users to easily create, mint, transfer and organize their NFTs in bulk on the Solana network.

With almost 20 years experience in multiple fields of online marketing within our leading team, we consider each one of our projects individually, with its own marketing strategies and budgets. From hardcore SEO, PPC and FB, to outreach, partnerships and influencer marketing. We know that focusing our attention on what really matters is what will propel this community as well as  the Solana ecosystem to new moons.

Meet Our Community Tokens
We have crafted 4 sets of tokens each with 333 coins, each set will be available on a different marketplace and each set also has its own token animation. If you own the same coin from each of the 4 sets, you immediately gain access to the inner circle of our community and will be entitled for the most exclusive benefits as long as you are willing to hold. Each collection has 10 different types of coins with varying degrees of rarity.

Tier 1: Plastic Coins

Tier 2: Plastic & Metals Coins

Tier 3: Metal Coins

Tier 4: Raw Materials Coins

Tier 5: Raw & Metal Coins

Tier 6: Golden Marble Coins

Tier 7: Electric Coins

Tier 8: Gold Marble Diamond

Tier 9: Ultimate Diamond

In addition, there are a few extremely rare coins that exist.
If you are lucky enough to find and own them, you can reap the outstanding benefits.
Our Club Community Projects
We have decided that it would be best if we share our projects with the world. Considering the value of transparency with our roadmap, we feel this is the way you will get to know us, see where we are heading and decide to join us.

Each one of the following  projects is a stand alone tool that we will bring to life with the goal of making mass adoption easier and more user friendly. These tools are the solid foundation of our dedicated community of long term holding, new on boarding and massive reach.

Solana NFT Bulk Minter

Our easy to use, drag and drop instant NFT minter that lets you create  an NFT collection and add it to any wallet you wish, all with no coding required.

Available in 5 different languages:
English 🇬🇧, Spanish 🇪🇸, Chinese 🇨🇳, Turkish 🇹🇷 & Portuguese 🇧🇷
Development: 90% Ready.
Marketing Strategy: TBA
Release Date: TBA

Complete Solana Based Advertising Platform

The first of its kind Solana based advertising platform with paid to watch ads allowing members to earn Sol for watching ads and advertisers to promote their NFTs and reach thousands in seconds.

Available in 3 different languages:
English 🇬🇧, Spanish 🇪🇸 & Portuguese 🇧🇷
Development: in Progress
Marketing Strategy: Viral
Release Date: TBA

Solana NFT Rarity Tool & Marketplace Superpowers

Get an advantage over everyone else. Know which NFTs are the most valuable in each collection without ever leaving the marketplace, allowing you to make real time decisions and mint faster than ever.
Development: in Progress
Marketing Strategy: In Progress
Release Date: February

Solana NFT Floor Price Tracker, Bid, Sales & Offers Alert System

Get notified first on any change in floor price of your tracked collection on any Solana marketplace. Track single NFTs or wallet activity such as new offers or sales made on Solana as well as instant notifications on your favorite NFTs.
Development: in Progress
Marketing Strategy: In Progress
Release Date: February

Solana Payment Gateway For Ecommerce Websites

What if you could pay in Solana in ANY existing Wordpress shop?  Our new plugin extension is going to do exactly that! Website owners who add our plugin will have "Connect wallet" button added, displayed price in SOL and full checkout support.
Development: Ready! The FIRST Solana payment plugin for wordpress websites is live here
Marketing Strategy: Sharing with community
Release Date: Mar 2022 - Authority news website for the Solana ecosystem The most advanced and updated news website on Solana, Bringing you fresh news, daily price analysis, solana projects index, NFT calendar, a community and the first Solana gadgets shop.
Development: Ongoing features adding.
Marketing Strategy: Fully Funded!
Release Date: Live
The Pipeline
of Our Project Development
What are the benefits of holding a Solana Coin Club NFT?
Our community is extremely important to us, and as part of our community you gain access to a network of talented and accomplished individuals. Invitations to exclusive events and real life benefits, such as sharing in the success of our club projects, these are just a few of the advantages of holding your Solana Coin Club NFT.
What are the benefits of holding a 4 similar token set?
When you are confirmed as a "set holder”, holding the same token from each of the 4 sets available, you will immediately become part of our inner circle that will enjoy the benefits from our club projects.
What is your marketing strategy?
We think it's best to have a slow but steady approach to earn true value. That's what we are seeking. We believe this is best for everyone. Collaborations with trusted projects will also be a key element of our marketing strategy along with organic growth marketing plans to each one of our in house projects. We want to develop partnerships with other communities and to enable our project to contribute to the Solana ecosystem and increase our visibility.
Solana Coin Club
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